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Spider Lou, Spider Lou, does whatever homosexuals do.

I love 5 homosexuals. That is all.

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I have been MIA for a loooooong time.. I’m sorry .. I just got lazy and didn’t bother to post my 1D reblogs on this blog… ;/ That’ll change though, <3 xxx

wallflowertimes-deactivated2014 sent: I don't think Harry would do that,it would only cause more problems between them.

I think he would to an extent.. I’m only saying this because Harry doesn’t really look that happy anymore..
Part of me says he is, and part of me says he wouldn’t do that. :P


do larry fans ever think that the reason hazza is dating taylor is to “get back” at lou ……. ?

Anonymous sent: I just saw your post and even though I'm not a Larry shipper I just wanted to send you hugs and tell you how awesome you are for not sending hate to Eleanour and Elenour shippers. I think Louis reacts like this because he sees people he cares about getting hate and he tries to protect them. Just please stick to your attitude and if there are enough awesome people like you, I'm sure this drama will end soon <3<3 You're amazing!

You, you beautiful anon, made me cry! Thank you soooo much! 
You need to come off anon, please! xx





hazza and niallator attempting to dance like guys in a boy band. [x]

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the memories
oh lord
i want to cry

the memories

oh lord

i want to cry

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Ok, Larry rant, here we go.

So, I am a hardcore Larry shipper. I believe they are together, no matter how much Louis denies it. Maybe they had a thing, and Harry is that poor kid still in love with his first crush, who is a closet gay, or Bi. But, whatever… I am a “shipper” and I’ll ship till I die, I always have. 
I adore Eleanor, more than anyone, and I think she is cute with Louis. I don’t hate her whatsoever. And not a lot of Larry shippers do … but Louis always somehow picks out the hating Larry shippers, and gets pissed because they think he and Haz are together.

It hurts me when he says all of us are delusional  and all this shit. I really does hurt me. I’m sorry that I ship you with Harry… Fuck me if I’m wrong, but if you were best mates with Haz, and you two were close and loved each other like brothers, you wouldn’t let this get to you so hard. My friend Hannah ships me and my best friend, and I play along because I love that girl to death, and she is a big part in my life. I don’t get pissed and say “I  LIKE BOYS OMFG LEAVE ME ALONE. YOU’RE HEARTLESS AND DON’T UNDERSTAND. OMF HANNAH, SUCK MY DICK. YOU’RE A TERRIBLE FRIEND.” If I know I’m not fucking my best mate, and I know who I like, and I’m ME and I know MYSELF, I don’t let it get to me because I grow fucking balls, climb a mountain and get over it, even if my penis is freezing and stiff. 

Louis, mate, I love you, you’re in my top 2 of One Direction (No, I don’t dislike the others, he is just my faveee), stop being such a dick to us. I know some fans hate on your mom, and your girlfriend AND YOU, but you should have thought about that before you said yes to Simon. You should have thought about how some fans are hateful and cruel. I think about it before I join a fandom. Hate is one reason why I left my fellow Beliebers. They made me feel like shit … even if they said shit all to me. And, you shouldn’t take your hate out on ALL of the fandom. You know we’re not all like that. I’m not. I tweet you guys like we’ve known each other for ages, and I even know you won’t reply. I don’t hate on any of your guys’ family, and I would never think of it. 

Now, Lou, please …… stop. Even though some of your fans are hurting you and your loved ones, the words you say about them, hurt the rest of us. A lot. 


this would be the hottest three way ever don’t fuckin lie to ureslf

shipping it as we speak


Loved You First

Still The One

Nobody Compares

She’s not afraid

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beautiful *0*

beautiful *0*

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